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Acid-Free Cardboards and Papers

Long-Life - ISO 9706

"PERMANENT" paper is understood to mean that under normal conditions of use and packaging there is no significant change in its visual appearance and internal strength for at least 100 years.

In a more technical and precise way, in order to be classified as "PERMANENT PAPER" the product must comply with the international standards of procedures of analysis methods as well as minimum specifications. The European standard, accepted internationally, ISO 9706 requires:

pH between 7.5 and 10

Oxidation resistance with kappa number less than 5;

Alkaline reserve 20 grams of calcium carbonate per kg of paper;

Tear strength: minimum 350 Mn in papers with more than 70grs.


Kaji Natural is a beautiful handmade Japanese paper is created from 80% Thai kozo and 20% Pulp, cooked with caustic soda and dried on stainless steel. It is a natural, medium weight paper that is great for conservation, woodcuts and letterpress.

Sheet Size: 980 x 640mm
Material: Thai Kozo and Pulp
Weight: 26gsm


This Japanese paper is flexible, translucent and made from long Kozo fibres which are both light and strong.

Spider tissue is unbuffered with a pH 7.2 developed for repair work in painting and paper conservation.

Being extremely soft and strong for its weight it will be suitable for very delicate works of art. The natural colour and wet strength makes the tissue ideal for wet repairs giving a clear strong repair.

Size: 965mm x 20m
Weight: 5gsm

Tengucho is also another term for Tengujo


A variety of the highest quality Japanese Hinging Papers allows you to select the proper thickness and strength for your particular application. The five papers included in the assortment have different weights and finishes, one just right for your job.

  • Sekishu Kozogami Tsuru (one 720 x 520mm 22gsm handmade, 100% kozo, lightweight with laid finish sheet)

  • Sekishu White (one 990 x 610mm 30gsm long fibre sheet)

  • Sekishu Natural (one 990 x 610mm 30gsm long fibre sheet)

  • Kizukishi (one 940 x 640mm 11-12gsm, 100% kozo, silky, long fibre sheet)

  • Mulberry (two 850 x 640mm 42gsm sheets) handmade, kozo and sulphite pulp, long fibre, lightweight, strong and soft.


For making document covers, envelopes, folders, as an interlayer, and as a photo holder. White.

Available with 80grs, 120grs, 160grs, 180grs or 240grs.

Packages of 500 sheets in the dimensions 70x100cm.


GLASSINE acid-free paper, without alkaline reserve, made from selected chemical pulp, for conservation uses. The transparency of the paper is obtained without the use of salts, additives or surface chemical treatments. Smooth surface to the touch.

pH minimum 6.8, weight 41grs.

Available in sheets in the dimensions 61x91cm, in packages of 500 sheets.

Available in coils with 1.5 x 91mt.

Use: To interlayer/detach documents or photos, as transparent protection in envelope shapes, covers, etc.; as a protection to works of art.

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