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Glues, Labels and Tapes


Binding glue in a practical 1 kg package.

Several uses in the conservation and restoration works, in book spines gluing and in small paper peel-offs.

National Product


White powdered methylcellulose glue

Chemically neutral and reversible.

High viscosity at low concentration, very good resistance to biological and bacterial degradation, absence of toxicity, stable pH.

It is well preserved, protected from humidity and at room temperature.

Fully transparent after drying.

Although the adhesive power is weaker than that of starch glue, it has greater softness and dries less quickly.

Pack of 100grs or 500grs.


Liquid white glue.

Ready to use.

Soluble in water.


pH neutral.

Without plasticizers.

Approved at the Silver Tarnish Test.

Packing of 125grs, 1Kg.

Evacon R glue is a copolymer emulsion, ethylene-vinyl acetate, recommended for laminating and bonding papers and boards, box making, for all kinds of conservation and restoration works, making envelopes and bags and all kinds of packaging, also for photography.

BEVA TEX (Gustav Berger®)

Beva®  Tex is a purpose-built adhesive for conservation interventions.

Available in film, between siliconized paper and a mylar sheet as a support.

Activate the adhesive with a hot spatula or a hot air blower and remove the backing film. It can be cut and applied in small pieces in well-defined areas without fear of spreading.

Many other uses are possible for paper restoration, textiles, painting.

Coils: 686mm x 5mt.


Long-fiber, paper-quality Japanese paper self-adhesive tape.

pH neutral, permanent and non-yellowing acrylic adhesive.

Ideal for hinging translucent works of art such as Japanese paper, papyrus and other light weighted works of art, because it won't show through.


Dim: 25mm x 10mt or 25mm x 30mt.


Hayaku® tape is made of Japanese Mulberry paper with an acid-free water activated gum adhesive.

This extremely sturdy tape was approved at the PAT (Photo Activity Test).

For hinging and repairing works of art on paper.

Easily reversible with water.

Roll: 25mm x 30m

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