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Conservation Equipment

Conservation Work Station - Hot Air pencil with Heated Spatula

The conservation Work station allows independent, or combined use of both heat tools; adjustable hot air pencil, and tacking iron, each with a separate on/off switch.

Hot Air pencil

  • Complete with 3 steel air tip nozzles (see images) for more delicate and accurate control of hot air.

  • Temperature adjustment from 30℃ to 200℃.

  • Air-flow adjustment.

  • Ideal for non-contact application of heat to adhesives.

  • Useful for painting conservation work where flaking paints require gentle heat and reattachment.

  • Heat locally applied poultices.

  • 1150mm silicone flex.

The low air flow setting on the hot air pencil is particularly suited to conservation work as disruption of particle fragments is minimised, when returned to its holder the hot air pencil will automatically cool down. (see 'Specification' tab below for further details)

Tacking/Spatula Iron

With temperature adjustment from 30℃ to 200℃ the tacking iron can be used in combination with the hot air pencil or on its own.

  • Complete with 805-2405 tip (see images).

The hot air pencil and tacking iron can be operated together or separately offering the maximum operational flexibility for any studio or workshop, all in one tool.


  • Power - 760w (max)

  • Construction - Steel housing

  • Base unit size - 160 x 95 x 141mm

Hot air blower

  • Output - 700w

  • Temp Range - 30-200℃

CURATEUR polyester sealing machine

  • Polyester sealing machine that allows creating polyester bags with the desired dimensions. Robust, easy-to-use machine for obtaining bags with remarkable strength and finish. The pouches can be sealed on 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides for complete encapsulation.

  • The sealing length of 800mm in continuously creating large bags for maps, plants, topographic charts, posters and large photographs. For use with film from 50 microns to 175 microns. Sealing length: 800mm continuously. Dimensions: 94x83x21cm. Weight: 22Kgs.

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