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Films And Synthetic Materials


Transparent 100 micron polyester tape, used to keep open books on display. Attaches with Velcro on the back.

Available in rolls with 100m with 6mm, 10mm or 20mm wide.


12 micron polyester tape, siliconized on one side, ideal as a clear membrane in the use of press and paint protection.

Available in coils with 1.50 x 45cm.


Siliconized polyester tape on both sides, used for hot press assembling work.

Available in coils with 1.27 x 25mt.


Fusible paper, with long fibers, covered on one side with an acrylic resin - Texicril. Very fine paper (8.5grs / m2), with good mechanical resistance.

APPLICATIONS: Designed for folding newspapers and manuscripts. It is used in hot press with a temperature close to 90º. For application on small surfaces apply with hot spatula on the back of the documents, through siliconized paper or a Teflon fabric. Reversible with ethanol even after aging.

Available in coils with 0.90x25m or in packs of 10 sheets with 0.44x0.62cm.


Non-woven fabric, 100% polyester, without resin, without glue and without additives. Resistant to acids, oxidizing agents and solvents. Supports temperatures up to 175ºC.

Applications: very resistant and very stable dimensionally, even in the wet state, it is an excellent support for washing graphic documents. The poor compatibility of this synthetic material with glues allows its use as an intermediary between the document and a smudge in bonding operations. Its fine texture also makes it possible to put it in contact with the document, without risk of surface printing, in pressing or drying operations.


Non-woven 100% polyester with similar use to Hollytex. It presents essentially a less smooth surface than Hollytex. Acid-free, it is available in three different thicknesses. Inert and resistant is widely used in conservation interventions. Maintain their physical characteristics when wet and is dimensionally stable during humidification operations. It can be used over and over again keeping its characteristics.

Available with 17grs - coil: 1.22x25mt; 34grs - roll: 1.50x25mt and 71grs - c: 1.04x25mt.


Agglomerated polyethylene fibers hot-rolled and under pressure. Chemically neutral. Lightweight and sturdy. Pearly appearance very smooth, extremely resistant, insensitive to water and with good resistance to solvents.

Applications: Very versatile product - for protection and packaging, envelopes assemblies, hinges, for filling, for assemblies. Excellent protector for shelves to isolate books from direct contact with wood.

Available with 75grs in packs of 25 sheets with 70x100cm.


Humidification is an essential part of preservation and restoration operations of paper, parchment and photographs. An easy and inexpensive method is to use materials permeable only to water vapor, such as Sympatex: this allows humidifying the object without tearing it. Sympatex is a composite product: a porous membrane with a thickness of 15 microns in polyester, laminated on a thin, airy felt. Applications: The document is placed on a sandwich between two sheets of Sympatex on the side of the membrane, the felt side being previously humidified by vaporization. The assembly is then wrapped in a plastic which prevents the drying of the felt exposed to free air. This method allows a slow, very homogeneous and complete humidification. It also solves the problem of the solubility of paints, even in cases of high sensitivity to water.

Available in rolls of 1.50x10mt or to the meter.


Multilayer film composed of a layer of polypropylene / aluminum on the outer side, and a Corrosion intercept layer on the inner side. Excellent protection against corrosion. The film Intercept / Aluminum is a material that has several advantages: it is an airtight barrier and a protection against temperature and corrosion variations caused by prolonged use. Can be used to carry photo bags, documents, objects in silver, metal, etc.

Available in coils of 122cm x 10mt.


Product designed to protect metals and other vulnerable materials against corrosive gases from the environment. The film is composed of highly reactive copper particles. They are suspended in a polyethylene-based polymeric structure. Very stable, does not contain polyvinyl chloride. This complex of bronze color becomes grey / black as the particles react with the harmful gases, making it necessary to change it. The corrosion protection is approximately 10 years for a thickness of 0.025mm or 25 microns.

Available in bags with the following dimensions: 60x60mm, 105x150mm, 150x230mm, 200x250mm, 250x300mm, 510x600mm.


Non-chemically neutral polyester fabric. Natural white color. Thermal bonds of the fibers. Surface pleasant to the touch, smooth and non-abrasive. Good resistance to solvents. Permeable to air and very stable. Applications: Protective packaging: textiles, leather, metals, paint and objects. Book conservation.

Available with 30grs or 100grs in rolls with 1mtx10mt

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