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Books Cleaning Machines


It is a fully automatic, mobile cleaning machine that cleans all parts of the book automatically (12 books per minute). It is designed to clean large quantities of books with the format/shape that is usually found in libraries.

The DEPULVERA cleaning machine cleans the books quickly, efficiently and safely. With just two operators, it manages to clean 12 books per minute, thus reducing costs with this operation.

In addition, with DEPULVERA the last book of the day to be cleaned will be done with the same care and attention as the first.

DEPULVERA is produced by ORACLE srl®, an Italian company that has been working for a long time in the bookstore sector and it is well aware of the specific problems caused by dirt and fungi to bibliographical collections. It is produced with quality materials and components that allow easy operation for the user and guarantee the minimum of technical assistance.

The purpose of the DEPULVERA machine is to provide a safe environment for the technician who performs the cleaning of old and fragile books, protecting it against spores of dangerous fungi during this operation. Any dust and molds that may exist on the books are removed during the cleaning operation by using a specially adapted HEPA filter vacuum cleaner that protects the operator and the environment (hygiene with HEPA vacuum cleaners spreads fungus spores through the library and can cause severe pathologies in the user). The powder is not vacuumed by the technician who is performing the operation because it remains inside of the working chamber in the machine.

On the other hand, its compact and mobile size, thanks to its casters, allows the DEPULVERA to be moved between library shelves and in tanks and reserves allowing an on-site cleaning

DEPULVERA works quietly thanks to the centralized vacuum extraction system, which allows it to be used during normal library hours.

It can also be used for the hygienization of a wide variety of museum collections, such as ethnographic, geological and natural history collections.

DEPULVERA needs technicians to work, but the automated book hygienization process makes this operation more enjoyable and faster compared to manual hygienization methods.


A machine to clean books with the formats/shapes usually found in Archives, Libraries and Museums.

L'AURA model (intermediate)

Standard version

Book Height 400mm 600mm

Thickness 210 mm 210 mm

Speed 6 books/minute Electrical Current 220v - 230v 

Machine height 1120mm 770mm

Machine width 590mm 1120mm 970mm 590mm


"A small cleaning machine designed for everyone"

PULVISINA is a small book-cleaning machine designed for everyone. It is a smart, small and compact machine with an affordable price not only for public institutions and libraries, but also for private collectors. PULVISINA weighs about 35Kg and its external dimensions are 63 x 45 x 57cm.

The cleaning process with the PULVISINE machine is very simple, allowing the cleaning of all parts of the books with three simple movements. It can work along with several types of household vacuum cleaners.

Technical Features:

Easy to use, lightweight to be relocated whenever required 

Integrated universal connector for any vacuum cleaner

Exterior dimensions: 634mm x 454mm x 574mm

Maximum book format: 340 x 330 x 100mm

Weight: 35Kg

LAURA model (intermediate)

Standard version/larger version

Book Height 400mm 600mm

Thickness 210mm 210mm

Speed 6 books/minute

Electrical Current 220v – 230v  

Height Machine 1120mm 1120mm 

Length Max. 770mm 970mm 

Width Machine 590mm 590mm

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