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Phneutro provides consulting and technical support in the organization, description and preservation of paper-based collections, archival and family-history material, as well as photographic collections.

A visit to our clients will allow us to know the collection/archive to be treated, and to submit a written condition report and treatment proposal.

Our report normally includes a brief description of the collection, and a treatment proposal thought in order to guarantee the collection stability and preservation for future generations. 

Each archive or collection is unique and that means that each preventive conservation proposal is also unique, based on the characteristics of the archive to be treated, dimensions, condition, location.


Our services also include preventive conservation measures in order to reduce deterioration, good handling practices, managing collection environments, measures about packaging, exhibition and organization .

We also provide support for private collectors to preserve their family papers and photographs, such as letters, drawings, engravings, photographs or postcards for the next generations.


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