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Prevention Of Plagues And Insects


  • Silverfish feed on organic substances such as paper, glue, skin and tissues, and cause irreversible damage, ranging from slight abrasion to perforations and gaps in the paper.

  • These traps allow to effectively exterminate Lepisma, commonly called silverfish.

  • Sold in packs of 24 traps.

  • In order for the killing of the silverfish to be more effective, we recommend its replacement every 4 months.


  • This innovative monitor has been developed especially for the catch of grey / giant / long-tailed silverfish (Ctenolepisma longicaudata), that are harmful for paper and cardboard documents or objects.

  • Its glue contains a highly performant matrix of attractants that lead to good catch and monitoring results for this species.

  • Place 1 trap every 3-5 meters.

  • Pack of 20 pieces.


his compact insect trap is an excellent detection tool, designed to identify infestation problems quickly, often before visual sighting of an insect. Fast identification an insect problem can make any treatment easier, quicker and more cost effective.

  • Low height for sliding under units and remain out of sight and closer to the areas insects prefer

  • Proven industry-leading pheromone attractant contained within a tablet supplied with the trap

  • Dry-touch, no-mess glue

Originally developed to monitor the three main cockroach species, the Lo-Line Trap is designed to be low profile and can fit with ease under or within equipment for trapping many other crawling insect pests. The trap is easy to assemble and with a ready to use. The Lo-Line Trap comes with a high performance 13mm tablet attractant which uses known and approved flavour compound food ingredients. The traps are environmentally safe and do not contain any chemical pesticides


Easy-to-use folding card monitoring trap. Includes a high performance food flavours attractant that is contained within the glue. Due to its self-adhesive tape at the bottom it is ideal also for placement upside-down. Windows and glue pad are so positioned as to force crawling insects to commit to entry and prevent escape. The traps are environmentally safe, do not contain any chemical pesticides and will not contaminate foodstuffs.

Catches larva of some flying beetles and various types of crawling insects like:
Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina), Psocid (Dorypteryx domestica), Minute scavenger beetle (Latridiidae), German Cockroach (Blatella germanica), Oriental Cockroach (Blatella orientalis), Spider beetle Northern Ptinus (Gibbium psylloides), Golden Spider beetle (Niptus hololeucus), Larva Varied cabinet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci), Larva Black carpet beetle (Attagenus spp)


  • These window traps allow you to catch small flying insects.

  • Through to the inside of the insect trap they get stuck on the sticky surface.

  • Can be placed in windows in exhibitions or reserve areas.

  • Kit with 10 traps and instructions for use.


  • 300grs blotting paper, ideal for preserving and restoring operations, for lining shelves, for support during cleaning operations, etc.

  • Absorbs about 2.5x its weight in water.

  • The sheets can be used and reused several times.

  • Available in 25- or 100-sheet packages.

  • Dimensions: 750mm x 680mm

  • Also available acid-free blotting paper with pH 7.0

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