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Binding Products

WAX 213

  • Colorless wax especially recommended for moisturizing leather bindings

  • Developed by the Center de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections, a laboratory of the French National Center for Scientific Research.

  • It is especially recommended for the treatment of damaged leather bindings.

  • Wax is an odorless, colorless, odorless oil-based emulsion that deeply moisturizes leather bindings, allowing them to regain their original softness.

  • It has neutral pH, thus ensuring perfect compatibility with leather bindings.

  • The wax 213 also has a fungicidal and bactericidal action, being absorbed rapidly.

  • It should not be used in severe damaged, broken or powdered bindings.

  • Pack of 50 ml or 200 ml.


  • Microcrystalline wax, ready to use.

  • It gives an excellent protection to all type of objects in leather, metal, marble, stone, Ivory and wood.

  • It does not stain or change the colors where it is applied.

  • Packing of 225grs.


  • Roll of cotton thread.

  • Cream color

  • 2000m roll.

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