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Technical Reserve


  • Stable, secure, inert and flexible material with a smooth surface.

  • It has good shock absorbing capacity, chemical and water resistance and stability with respect to ultraviolet rays.

  • Ideal for exhibiting museum pieces, for lining shelves/store windows; for storage and packaging of fragile objects; for assembling boxes and support elements.

  • Available in plates with several thicknesses (2 mm/4 mm, etc.) and in several colors (white, grey, black, etc.)

  • Easy to cut with scissors or x-acto.

  • For more information or samples, contact us.


Plastic coated foam - one side with bubbles another with polyethylene foam.

Ideal for cushioning fragile parts and for lining boxes, shelves, filing cabinets, etc.

Flexible, lightweight, ideal as protection for sensitive surfaces.

Available in coils of 100m.


Tyvek® is used for transporting and storage for works of art. The 1622E soft structure material is pH neutral, lint free allowing condensation to escape and gives protection from external damage. The fabric-like texture is soft and smooth, prevents scratching surfaces, flexible, tear resistant and breathable.

1622E has a weight of 41.5gsm and a thickness of 145micron. All Tyvek® from PEL is on a 3"(76mm) core wrapped and suitably boxed for protection in transit.

PEL is a Dupont appointed stockist for Tyvek® we keep high stock levels for immediate dispatch supplying museums, collectors, shipping companies, galleries and many others world wide.


  • Acid-free paper with 18 grs or 22 grs.

  • Ideal for storing, packaging and protecting fragile objects.

  • Proper for transport of works of art.

  • Available in coils with 100m or sheets (254mm x 381mm; 381mm x 508mm; 762mm x 1016mm) in packs of 100 or 500 units.

  • Easy to handle and adapt to the shape of the parts to be packed.

  • For more information or samples, contact us.


  • Transparent 60 micron polyethylene bags with zipper closure.

  • To store small objects or fragments awaiting restoration, study or inventory, etc.

  • With or without writing tape.

  • Supplied in coils of 50 or 100 units in dimensions 6x8cm; 8x12cm; 12x18cm; 18x25cm; 23x32cm.


  • White bags, TYVEK, suitable for wrapping of clothing.

  • With vertical closure and two strips to seal the top opening, thus preventing the entry of dust into the bag.

  • Very soft, non-abrasive protects from dust, from any fluctuations in environment conditions, and they are impermeable.

  • TYVEK does not support the growth or development of mold spores and it is ideal for textile packaging.

  • Available in three standard sizes:

  • Short jacket (980 x 630mm);

  • Overcoat (1400 x 630mm) or Evening Dress (1820 x 730mm).

  • Sold to unit.

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